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White Sheet

Erika Castellanos

VP Community and Business Development, Chase


Erika Castellanos is a Vice President of Community and Business Development at JP Morgan

Chase, where she has the pleasure of implementing the firm’s Racial Equity Commitment

through community partnerships. Prior to this role, Erika work at Wells Fargo where she

managed public-private partnerships with government and nonprofit organizations to help

close the racial wealth gap in low income communities. Erika has over 23 year of experience in

the financial services industry. She has an extensive experience in leading , coaching, and

consulting teams in Community Banking. She was born in the city of Mexico and migrated to

the US at 7 years of age. Her life experiences of being a Latina woman born to immigrant

parents and growing up with limited means has shaped her passion for giving back to

community. Erika is a mother of two girls, which is why she also has a passion to continue to

create a seat at senior level roles for all women.

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