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Is your organization exclusively for Hispanic or Latina female athletes?

No, ELLA is open to ALL female athletes. While we do focus on supporting Latina and African American females who are underrepresented in various sports and specific locations, our goal is to level the playing field for ALL female athletes.

Is ELLA a Non-Profit Organization?

Yes, all donations are tax deductible.

How can I become a member, and is there a cost?

We are a community. We do not have formal memberships, but we maintain a mailing list. There is no cost associated with being a part of our foundation.

Do you offer Athletic Scholarships?

We do offer Academic Scholarships to high-achieving student-athletes. These scholarships are available annually for all female athletes to apply for.
We do not provide Athletic Scholarships as we adhere to all NCAA regulations. 
I noticed that you've assisted some high schools with softball equipment. Do you support other sports as well?
Yes, we have also helped soccer, Basketball and Boxing programs. We are open to assisting any program in need, although at times, our resources may be limited, preventing us from helping everyone. We hope to expand our support for more programs in the future.
Can you help my high school team with fundraising?

We have ELLA Ambassadors who are part of our network. Some of them are high school students who run their ELLA High School Club. They are encouraged to give back to the community and can assist in fundraising for their high school programs.
I noticed you've organized some free softball and soccer clinics and showcases. Are they always free?

We aim to make these events free for everyone, especially when we have sponsors. If we collaborate with a company, there might be a small fee associated with attending these events.
Does ELLA align with any political groups?

NO. We do not affiliate ourselves with any political group. However, we do advocate for positive changes in female sports, primarily at the NCAA level along with supporting and enforcing title IX.

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