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 Lilly Travieso 


Lilly Travieso was always athletically inclined and played different sports from a very young age.


Over the years, she became passionate about playing softball and aspired to play softball in a top university. By playing this sport, she was able to overcome personal challenges and achieve many milestones.


She learned to become a leader in and out of the field and traveled throughout the United States and internationally, such as Cuba to play softball.

This sport also brought many challenges and adversities in her life.


She personally experienced many inequalities within the softball community, directly tie to the economic status of a player.

She was raised in a middle class household but had to revert to raising funds to cover some of her softball travel expenses.


She often wondered how anyone else with the same passion and aspiration she had would make this happen. Lilly is humble and thankful for all these opportunities that have come her way and would like young Latina girls like herself to have the same opportunities.


Therefore, the idea and vision of ELLA was created.

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