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Patty  Godoy

Patty  Godoy is ELLA’s Co-Founder and CEO. She was born in El Salvador and has resided in Los Angeles, CA since the age of 12 years old. She has been a Registered Nurse for 30 years and she currently is the Director of Nursing at Correctional Health Services in Los Angeles County. Throughout her life she has embraced education and continuous learning. As a graduate of California State University, Fullerton, she holds a Masters in Health Administration and Masters in Nursing.

In the softball community, she was the vice president of Firecrackers Media City/Hollywood for four years. She was influential in the development of competitive softball platform for athletes in the San Fernando Valley. She worked with Coaches in developing budgets and planning the softball schedules for four seasons. As a Vice President she collaborated and led many projects related to media development and fundraising events. College recruiting was another aspect of her job while in Firecrackers Media City/Hollywood. She worked with teams, coaches and players in creating the appropriate recruiting plan and recruiting profile to maximize each player’s athletic potential.

Ms. Godoy has passion for leadership development and is a strong advocate for empowering leadership in Latina athletes.

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